Recruitment problems & SimplyRecruit® solutions!

We are living in a world where we see several job postings on social media daily. HR Recruiters spend tons of hours researching on which social media site would be best for them to post the ad. However, there are just a few candidates who reply to a job ad on social media. Most of the times there are no or irrelevant replies to the ad. For many of the candidates, it’s just a job post. However, its more than a job post for the recruiter who posted the ad on social media thinking about closing the given position in less possible time.
There are many issues faced by the Recruiter while closing the job position with a matching candidate. Let’s highlight some of the recruitment issues today, and source out the perfect solution for you to be unstoppable!

Problem 1
One Ad Posting On Multiple Sites: Being into recruitment, we know that we have to post ads on several social media websites to get some traction on the requirement to close. A recruiter spends tons of hours researching the perfect site for the job to be posted. The same job posting on all the social media platforms and then a long wait for the candidates to revert. The biggest problem in posting the job post one by one on different sites is the amount of time. By posting the ad one by one we lose on time when there is maximum traffic on the site you decide to post the ad on. If we lose traffic time, our ad doesn’t reach our target audience. In short, all your thinking and hard work in posting go waste.

Solution 1
Posting job ads on multiple sites with just a single click: How about if we tell you that you can post a job ad on several sites in just one click! Yes … This has become possible with SimplyRecruit®. A job portal where you create your account, key in the job description, add the social media handle and sit back. SimplyRecruit® will post the job ad on all the social media sites you selected all at once. This saves your time and you do not lose on the site’s traffic time. You get candidates much faster and with ease!

Problem 2
Candidate Info Gathering: There is also a point where the candidate doesn’t want to give away his / her personal information in the comment section. Some candidates skip the ad, just because they have to give away their contact details on a section which is open to all. So how do we get away from these issues?

Solution 2
Candidates get a link to apply: Well … Understanding all these hiring issues, we have created SimplyRecruit®. A portal that helps you as a virtual assistant in recruitment. Once the candidate sees the post on social media, he/she can click on the link and enter all the asked information on SimplyRecruit®. Once the information is entered, the recruiter can check the same and shortlist the suitable candidate for the job role. Recruiters can also save other less or non-relevant profiles in different folders on SimplyRecruit®.

Problem 3
Interview Schedule and Followup: Now is the time when we know if our hard work has paid off or ended in a trash-pot. Yes … The biggest fear of any recruiter is scheduling the interview by calling the candidates and making them turn up in the office. If we think as per the candidate’s point of view, they sometimes say yes to attend the interview and feel scared to inform if they can’t make it or if they are not interested. Resulting in the recruiter calling the candidate back to back and getting frustrated.

Solution 3
Automated Interview Schedule and Followups: Why to even call the candidate when you have SimplyRecruit® with you. All you have to do is shortlist the right candidate and let SimplyRecruit® take care of the interview scheduling and followup.

Yes … As soon as you shortlist the candidate, SimplyRecruit® sends an email (call letter) to the candidate by giving an option to the candidate to select his/her suitable date and time to attend the interview. In case if the candidate has not replied by entering the time details, SimplyRecruit® keeps sending reminder emails to the candidate on specific intervals. This helps the candidate know that the company trying to approach him is technically advanced and reputed.

So let’s check it out practically and know how easy it is to bring your Virtual Recruitment Assistant in use. Click and start your trial now!

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