A Candidate and SimplyRecruit®!

I am an experienced candidate who was working with one of the startups in my city. My job was going okay. I had to travel almost 60 km to and fro each day, which was very tiring! But, I was satisfied with my job profile. I still remember that our overseas investors had visited our office and wanted to talk to each one of us. They wanted to know us better and wanted to direct us towards the growth. Everything was going great until one day. It was an unsettling day at work. I could sense that something is wrong. Our Overseas Investors had left and we were asked to work on our action plans. The day passed. That day our seniors’ dint interact with us like always. Not just me, but even my colleagues sensed the unsettling moments that day at work. This atmosphere continued for a few days. Then … It was time to hear the breaking news. Our seniors informed us that the company is sacked and will shut down its operations within 2 months. Our Overseas Investors had backed out all of a sudden leaving the company with no funds. We were asked to search for a new job. It was like a terror strike on us. Just moments ago we had a job and within seconds, we were jobless.

I started thinking about the struggle of searching for a new job. Calls from the Consultancies, Companies, HRs, etc, etc. And me trying to answer them. But I knew I had to do this. I didn’t want to be jobless even for a single day. So I went home and informed my family about the same. My family supported me well. Next day, I started applying for my job on multiple job sites. Just in 2-3 days, I received a job post update on one of the job sites to apply for a job related to my profile. I immediately applied to it. After I applied, in a few hours I received an email via SimplyRecruit® mentioning that my profile was shortlisted. The email had a clickable button for me to schedule my interview. I clicked on the button and scheduled my interview as per my convenience. I thought that I might receive a call from the company. There are many reasons a candidate avoids the recruiter’s calls. Some are busy, some do not wish to work in the location where the recruiter is calling from, and there might be several other reasons which the candidate is scared to tell the recruiter thinking the recruiter might get angry with them. To be honest, even I had my reason for not answering any calls from the companies or recruiters. I didn’t want to receive any calls for the Interview as I was in my last days at my previous company. I was more comfortable with the emails though. However, I never received any call from the company. My entire interview scheduling was done via emails. I also had the option to reschedule my interview. The company address, contact person name, and number, the scheduled time by me. I received all the information and confirmation via SimplyRecruit® on my email.

I somehow liked the entire idea of how SimplyRecruit® works. I had tried to find a job for me before, but I always used to end up in heavy calls from the recruiters and me trying to avoid them. With SimplyRecruit®, there was no such thing. I knew that the company I am scheduled for my interview is going to be the one for me. I went for the interview, I got selected and also joined on the discussed date. Honestly, I was feeling that my job search is going to take a toll on me. However, SimplyRecruit® made it so easy for me. I was not jobless even for a single day and joined my new company immediately after completing my 20 days notice period with my previous company.

I seriously thank SimplyRecruit® for making the interview process so simple!

In case if all the companies start using SimplyRecruit®, they will for sure get genuine and honest candidates like me who want to attend the interview without any forcing or awkward moments.

SimplyRecruit® has made interview schedules for the candidates better than ever!

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