Be a Champ of Recruitment!

Do you want to be a Pro in recruitment? Do you wish to have a label of best performing HR Recruiter? Well … I believe all the HR Recruiters will say a big yes! But we all know how difficult it gets to meet the given targets.

My story was the same. I used to reach the office before my colleagues. I used to think that if I start my work before my colleagues, I may be able to reach more candidates before others do. However, it didn’t help me much. I used to start my day by posting job ads on several social media sites. Then I used to be in constant check for the replies. Half of my day used to be booked in the job postings and surfing from one site to another. The rest of the half-day used to be spent in calling and maintaining the data and also keep a constant check on how many candidates have turned up for the day, and from which platform!

I always used to end up working extra hours daily. 🙁

Back in my mind, I used to think about the efforts that I was putting each and every day and having just minimum results and sometimes, no results at all!

A lot of my time used to be spent in the job postings, surfing through different sites and calling the candidates for followups. I was tired of my work and felt like giving up. But just then, our company introduced SimplyRecruit®. We were informed that SimplyRecruit® is today’s generation portal that can help us work faster and without any stress. We were also informed that SimplyRecruit® is our “Virtual Recruitment Assistant”! Waoow!!! Isn’t that cool? A Virtual Recruitment Assistant! Okay … I gave it a shot and started using SimplyRecruit®. I thought what difference is SimplyRecruit® going to make. After all, it’s me who has to do all the hard work. But wait for a second! I was wrong. SimplyRecruit® actually did reduce almost 70% of my work. How? Well here is how it happened.

So I started using SimplyRecruit® by creating a trial account. It was very easy and fast to do that. Then I linked all my social media connection to it. Now here is the best part. The moment I posted a job post on SimplyRecruit®, it automatically posted the job post on all the social media sites, all at once. I mean, with just a single click! This move saved half a day of my work!

I felt so relaxed and thought of checking the reverts from the candidates.

However, I never had to surf through several sites to do that. I started receiving reverts from all the sites right on my SimplyRecruit® screen! I quickly went ahead and started with the shortlisting process. I knew I had to shortlist the profiles that I had received and start with the calling.

While I was shortlisting the profiles, I noticed that as soon as I shortlisted a profile, SimplyRecruit® sent an email to the shortlisted candidate and the candidate started reverting by scheduling the interview by themselves. Wait a minute … So no more calling the candidates for the interview??? Well, that’s what SimplyRecruit® did. I was beyond amazed with this trick! It was so good to see the candidates reverting me within a minute along with the interview time and date.

It was not even lunchtime and I had 15 candidates lined up for the interview. I was so happy that my company introduced SimplyRecruit®! I still remember, in 3 years of my career, that was the first day when I left the office early, and since then, my every day at work is amazing!

SimplyRecruit® is truly my Virtual Recruitment Buddy!!

I will recommend all the HR Recruiters to start using SimplyRecruit® as it is loaded with never seen before features that can change the way of your work.

I have won the title of Best Performer at my company and most of the credit goes to SimplyRecruit®!! 🙂

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