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In the world of competition, the winner is always the one who gives the maximum results in less time. Recruitment is one of those fields where numbers count. Recruitment consultancies or any companies HR department always faces a huge set back when their hiring target is not completed within the given time. HR Recruiters always push themselves beyond their limits to achieve the targets.

However, following the old school recruitment way may result in spending more time just for one particular process. Recruitment is a mixture of several processes and is challenging for one Recruiters to follow all the terms and give results. However, following all the terms is obligatory in the recruitment process.

So how do we save time, follow all the terms and still close our target within the given time?

It’s simple! All we have to do is start using SimplyRecruit® for our recruitment process. Now SimplyRecruit® gets your job ads posted on all the social media platforms in just a single click. Once you shortlist profiles, SimplyRecruit® sends the candidates an email mentioning about their shortlisting and gives them the option to select their interview date and time. This saves on manually calling the candidates for the interview. With SimplyRecruit®, the candidates can check their email and revert according to their convenience. It happens a lot that the candidate is in office or busy in some other work and he/she receives a call from the recruiter. The candidate doesn’t answer the call and the recruiter has to leave the right match and move on to the next shortlisted candidates. So instead, an automated email by SimplyRecruit® saves on candidate cancellation.

SimplyRecruit® has made Recruitment friendly and easy for the HRs. It simplifies your hard activities and makes them easy for you and your candidates. By using SimplyRecruit®, it has been observed that you can easily get your target done before the given time. Also, all the resume data is saved in SimplyRecruit® so that you can churn your candidates for other future requirements as well.

SimplyRecruit® is the key for victorious hiring and all its users are 100% satisfied with the outcomes that they have witnessed.

So if you are still not using SimplyRecruit®, now is the time you do!

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