Happy Hiring!

We are the recruiters of tomorrow … and what makes us say this? Well … Its SimplyRecruit®!

Yes … SimplyRecruit® has taken recruitment on a whole new and level. It not only saves your time, but it also helps you get better results in hiring. Happy Hiring is now possible with easy and convenient steps! The old school techniques of hiring has come to an end. So no more long hours job posting, no more manual follow-ups with the candidates, and no more calls and confirmations.

All this is possible because SimplyRecruit® does it all with just a simple click. It posts your job ad on the social sites you choose … It sends an email to all the candidates you have shortlisted! It also does a daily follow up with your shortlisted candidates. Along with this, it also helps you save your resume data for future reference!

SimplyRecruit® is a well-organized HR system which all the HR Recruiters can use for their recruitment process. It is the best system for head hunting. Its features like self-schedule allow your candidates to schedule their own interview as per the suited time for them. By this, the process of awkward calling has come to an end!

Recruiters feel more comfortable working with SimplyRecruit® as it saves their time of posting and calling. By which they can now focus on other activities and get more trained for their jobs!

We have also observed that the attrition ratio of recruiters has reduced up to 70% for those who are using SimplyRecruit®!

SimplyRecruit® is a reliable way not only for the recruiters but also for the companies! It reduces work stress and gives you accurate results of the candidates and lets you know the exact turn-up count.

SimplyRecruit® can be described as a all in one system for the HRs! Users of SimplyRecruit® are always happy in their hiring process.

If you have still not used SimplyRecruit®, then why wait? Get the free trial now and enjoy Happy Hiring with SimplyRecruit®!

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