A job portal or career portal is an online job board that assists the applicants to discover & finally land into their dream job. It also aids employers & recruiters in their quest to locate ideal candidates. So, it is simply a platform where job seekers come across their potential employers and recruiters meet their prospective candidate.

Your Journey to get your Dream Job begins with registering yourself on the Job Portal. But, there is a catch! Some candidates get more responses from the recruiters while a majority of them just become a piece of a database on the Job Portal.

Check out some features of a ‘GOOD’ Job Portal:-

  1. PROFILE REGISTRATION: Online Profile Registrations should be a relaxed affair for the Job seekers because a complicated enrollment process is not tenable. A convenient process involving just a few steps is always widely accepted & preferred. At SimplyRecruit®, registration process is free of charge.
  2. PAID SERVICES: If you pay then you finally get access to the various job hunting & job searching services of the portal. You might use these services to increase your probability of landing an interview but at the end of the day, your profile matters and this is why you may find these paid services irrelevant & worthless. SimplyRecruit® does not charge the candidates for any service.
  3. PORTAL’S SERVICE DELIVERY: When you register for a portal, you expect a prompt & regular response. What kind of response you will get depends solely on the quality of Portal you have registered into. With SimplyRecruit®, you have the flexibility to schedule an interview at the time convenient to you. So, no more waiting for the interview! Quality portals provide regular job alerts & best recruiters in the industry to the job seekers.
  4. TYPES OF SERVICES OFFERED: The services offered by the Portal should be relevant to you so that you get shortlisted easily. With SimplyRecruit®, you don’t apply for jobs. Instead, the employer shortlists you for their job openings, which means you have already cut through the crowd when you receive a job invite from the employer.
  5. AVAILABILITY OF JOBS: You should prefer Portals with a decent number of Jobs posted on their site. The jobs should span across Industries, Sectors & Locations. You should look for portals that post most of the jobs relevant to you.
  6. CURRENT OPENINGS: Current openings should be posted on daily basis in a job portal & candidates should be able to apply for these positions until they get placed. For example, SimplyRecruit® has a section under the heading ‘OPEN VACANCIES’ which has details about current openings.
  7. GET VERIFIED & RELEVANT JOB LISTING: This will ease your work & help you in your quest to find a perfect job, like SimplyRecruit® performs all the hard work of finding a match for you. It will also get you the invite for a job which is relevant to you.
  8. BLOGS: Job portals should have a page dedicated to the Blog Section. Informative Blogs associated with the current trends in the industry, Recruitments, Interviews etc should be made available for the Job seekers.
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA: Job Portals should have the facility where job seekers can link their social media accounts especially professional accounts like LinkedIn, with their profile on the Portal. SimplyRecruit® offers this facility to the Job Seekers, thus increasing their chances to land in their dream jobs.

10. AUTOMATION: Job Portals should have a high degree of automation to improve the delivery of Services. All applications for a vacancy is centrally managed by SimplyRecruit® thus making the recruitment process convenient for Jobseekers.

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