Let’s go with SimplyRecruit®!

It is said that recruitment is the first step of entering Human Resource. Every company has a separate department which is responsible for recruitment. However, many of the companies still follow the old style of recruitment. The old-style may be working good for many companies, but it doesn’t give you 100% results and satisfaction. With the old techniques, you may end up on wasting time, effort, and money.

Here we are talking about running ahead of time and getting used to new and innovative technologies that can simplify your recruitment needs.

SimplyRecruit® is one of the best recruitment assistants which helps you in the entire recruitment process! SimplyRecruit® was introduced after researching on all the pain areas which our recruiters face in their daily work life. On this day since the launch of SimplyRecruit®, there are 100s of new users getting connected with SimplyRecruit® each day! The reason behind the success of SimplyRecruit® is that it is easy to use and it helps you with your recruitment activities leaving you with just minimum manual work. The rest of the things are done automatically by SimplyRecruit®!

SimplyRecruit® automatically sends your job ads to all the social media handles in just a single click! Once you start getting replies from your candidates, and once you shortlist them, SimplyRecruit® starts its work by sending your candidates an email along with a calendar so that your candidates can book a slot for their interview as per their convenience. SimplyRecruit® also allows your candidates to cancel or reschedule their interview if needed. This helps you with the exact count of candidates attending the interview each day!

It has been observed that the users of SimplyRecruit® have minimized candidate calling by over 95% as SimplyRecruit® does all the followup part by sending the candidate emails and allowing them to reply.

So if you still don’t have SimplyRecruit® for your recruiters, you can now get a free trial and begin to SimplyRecruit® like several others! Click on https://SimplyRecruit.in/ to get your trial account now!

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