Maintain your Resume data with SimplyRecruit®!

Managing and maintaining a recruiter’s data is not easy. Even after saving the data its a long run to fetch the data when required. Data maintenance is one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process. We never know when we may need one of the previous resumes. We usually follow the universal way to maintain our data. We make a tracker and save all the resumes in a folder. Well … This is the most basic way of maintaining our resume data. Sounds easy right? But what if I tell you it is not as easy as it sounds … and at times, during urgency, you may not find the desired profile you had saved months ago.

Now … you may say that we can create folders as per the months and save the candidate info in the tracker for quick search. Well … yeah … that’s easy right. So you first search the data inside a tracker, then you go back to the folder and start searching for the profile and then carry it ahead … But what if someone else sources a profile by the time you are searching in your tracker and folders? Possible right! Or, what if the data is in somebody else’s system and you have no clue on where that person has kept the CV you were searching for? Then you will have to go back to your email and start searching for previous emails … right!?

All and all … I feel that this process is hectic and time-consuming… and those people will definitely agree with me who have been through this situation. I mean come on! Our team recruiter quits the job and deletes the entire history on the last working day…! What are you going to do about that?? Nothing!

Now let me tell you the best way of your data maintenance … The best way to maintain your data is to SimplyRecruit® … Yes … SimplyRecruit® can save the resume data which is easy to search and you can fetch any date resume with just a click! It saves your time and efforts! So now it doesn’t matter whether your teammate is absent, left the job or even if you want to fetch a profile from your data! SimplyRecruit® is not just your Virtual Recruitment Assistant, but it’s also a resume bank, keeping all the shortlisted profiles safe and secure.

With SimplyRecruit®, we are not just saving time, but we are saving all the data which is easy to fetch whenever and where-where we want to.

Creators of SimplyRecruit® have designed it by keeping all the pain areas of the recruitment process in mind. Hence, it is a successful portal that has made the recruitment process very easy and quick!

So why wait, click and start your trial now!

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