My Business Is Durable with SimplyRecruit®!

I had already decided to start with my own consultancy while I was studying in college. After my MBA (HR), I started working in a small consultancy to get some experience before I start with my own business. After having around 3 years of experience, I started with my own consultancy with two clients. Initially, I started with 3 recruiters by my side who were trained by me to work the old school way. i.e. Searching profiles from job portals and calling the candidates. However, as time took us in the future style of working, we started with job postings on social media platforms. Being a business owner, I had to face the heavy expense of internet and phone bills. To add on, I also had a huge expense of the job portal access from where we used to source the resumes for our clients.

Leaving these things apart, my business was running good and we had a few more clients who opted our services. We also had to increase the team.

Consultancy is not an easy business. We have tough competitions all around. I knew we had to work smart in terms of providing good service to our clients.

My days were long and nights were hectic. Client calls for requirement sharing, some calls related to delay in work, etc etc etc.

At a point, I started thinking if I had taken the right decision to start with a consultancy.

I always believe in exploring new technologies and I am always on Google, searching for things that can benefit me and my business. Just one day while performing a search on Google, I landed on SimplyRecruit® page. Now, I had no idea what SimplyRecruit® was. However, as it was related to my business, i.e. Recruitment, I decided to dig in more info. I contacted the SimplyRecruit® guys and came to know about the trial pack. Now here what happened next.

SimplyRecruit® gave me a free trial in which I and my recruiters learned how easy recruitment can be. SimplyRecruit® has futuristic features that can easily boost the quality of work.

My recruiters no longer had to waste their time in posting a job ad on multiple sites. Instead, they started to post it on SimplyRecruit® and SimplyRecruit® used to post the job post on all the sites with just one click. It also helped in scheduling the interviews. My phone bill started to step down as there were pretty less or no calls made by my recruiters after they started using SimplyRecruit®.

Let me take you to another side of the story. We all know that recruiters in a consultancy always come and go. Before, I had to face a huge problem to fetch the data from the system of a recruiter who had left the job. It used to take quite a long time to fetch the data and still we never used to get all the resumes saved by the resigned recruiter.

With SimplyRecruit®, the fetching story has completely changed because SimplyRecruit® automatically saves the data in it and you can easily get all the data you require anytime, anywhere.

SimplyRecruit® is not just a virtual recruitment assistant, but its also a resume bank and, a perfect buddy for follow-ups. The turn-up accuracy ratio of the candidates hiked by almost 70% after we started working with SimplyRecruit®.

Before SimplyRecruit®, my business was running at a medium pace. But now, my business is 100% durable as we are able to close the positions for our clients without any worries. With SimplyRecruit®, we can update our clients on the exact turn-up number and our clients are beyond happy with our services as we now stick up to our commitments.

Thank you SimplyRecruit® for making recruitment more friendly!

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