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Talent Acquisition has always been a challenging task for companies and 2018 is going to be harder. Attracting and finding the best quality candidate for various organizational positions, who can be an asset for an organization is a very tough job. Today the job market has completely changed, and the candidates are in an advantageous position when compared to the organizations. Today, it is not only the companies which select the candidates but the candidates too select the companies to work for. With the rapidly changing digital, demographic, economic, social and technological factors in the Indian Job market, there has been a rise in new skill sets and job roles.

Organizations cannot afford old and outdated recruitment strategies in this competitive labor market. The ever evolving recruitment industry demands proactive recruitment leaders who can face the ongoing strategic challenge and create a mixed approach for talent acquisition and recruitment. Recruitment Industry has a lot of challenges today but you need not worry because we have solutions.

We have mentioned some of the recruitment challenges that exist in the recruitment industry today and our solutions to the problem:-


  1. The recruitment process adopted by organizations is long and such delays may cost the company dearly, where they may lose top talents. It should be noted that reducing the time to hire is not an option for the organizations.
  2. SimplyRecruit® offer Resume bank Services to our clients where candidates can quickly upload their resumes. Recruiters and other Companies can have their own Resume Bank which is built from all the resumes they received but couldn’t use it because the vacancies got closed. The resumes can be tagged for reference in the future. This will help our clients’ quick access to deserving candidates for any upcoming vacancies. The resume of a new candidate who has applied for any new position will also be added to the resume bank.
  3. SimplyRecruit® is quick in analyzing the resume and extracting contacts and emails. We parse the resumes primarily to extract the contact details of the candidates and the system will automatically contact these candidates and collect more relevant information pertaining to current vacancy.


  1. We live in the era of Innovation. SimplyRecruit® offer innovative and simplified recruitment processes. A short URL and email ID is created for each vacancy and employers can get access to these vacancies at one location. Resumes arrive from multiple sources like Social Media etc which can be routed to a single location making it simple for the recruiter to analyze, review and shortlist the best talent.
  2. All applications for a vacancy is centrally managed by SimplyRecruit® where our clients can simply receive and review the resumes at a single location making the recruitment process convenient for our customers.
  3. SimplyRecruit® posts the details of these vacancies on Job Portals and social media.


  1. Today the companies require innovative talent that thinks out of the box. Innovative candidates have creative mindsets and hiring them is equivalent to hiring the best talent. Proper Shortlisting and review strategy is necessary to attract the best talent.
  2. SimplyRecruit®  offer simplified online solutions to our clients for shortlisting the desired candidates.
  3. We send Questionnaire to the registered candidates who provide inputs to it themselves. The data collected through this Questionnaire helps the recruiters in selecting the best candidate for the job.
  4. Shortlisted Candidates receive the message regarding shortlisting. They can use our online system to book interview slots on our website.
  5. Recruiters can login our online system to check the vacancy details, list of the shortlisted candidates and their time slots. We also send summary emails to the recruiters who have detailed information regarding interview details and vacancy.


  1. Communication and follow up process with the shortlisted candidates is mandatory and nobody should miss out this step.
  2. Our clients do not have to worry about regular follow up since SimplyRecruit®  takes care of communication with the shortlisted candidates.
  3. Candidates may forget to turn up for the interview if no follow up for the interview is done. SimplyRecruit® assist its recruiters by regular follow up with the shortlisted candidates 2-3 days in advance to their interview schedule so that our clients do not miss out any potential employee.


  1.  Due to lack of time and to keep up with the demand, people may be tempted to hire someone who may not be the apt person for the profile. This is undoubtedly going to cost the organization both time and money.
  2. We understand every organization requires a befitting candidate for their vacant profiles. It may be difficult for the recruiters to perform the legwork themselves, but our system will assist you in making a quick and correct decision. The information collected by SimplyRecruit®  system through Questionnaire setup and automatic emails and follow up with the candidates will surely help the recruiters in selecting the best candidates.


  1. Recruitment processes conducted by Indian organizations focus more on administrative tasks rather than sourcing candidates. This can lead to duplication of work and loss of time . It is only a futile exercise and hurdle in hiring the right candidate.
  2. However, our clients need not worry because with our online system, you don’t have to waste time on any paperwork and surely this will help you get the right person for the organization.


  1. The recruitment budget and the number of vacancies have been rising. Organizations cannot rely on the same outdated strategies for recruitment. Companies are now hiring candidates through innovative channels like social media.
  2. Our clients should not worry because any vacancy reported by our client is posted on innovative channels like  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites.

We are the new leaders of the Indian Recruitment market. We provide best talent consulting services to our clients at very competitive rates. Contact us for Talent Hunt.


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