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Recruitment is a challenging job. HR Recruiters have to deal with and face challenges daily! May it be job posting, shortlisting candidates, calling the candidates, candidate’s confirmation, data maintenance! There are many things the Recruiters has to take care in their job life. Hence, to end and free the Recruiters from their daily hectic workload, we have come up with one of the most successful products in recruitment called the SimplyRecruit®!

Let’s hear it out from one of the HR Recruiters on their experience after using the SimplyRecruit®!

I had joined as an HR Recruiter in one of the IT companies in my city. I wasn’t new to this field as I already had 4 years of experience in recruitment. My team was special and we were responsible to work on some of the lateral positions. Many of the positions were not that easy to find on job portals. We knew that the only way to get the right candidate was by headhunting.

Now as the positions were lateral, our candidates used to prefer a proper schedule. Our candidates used to be busy in meetings and other activities. Because of this, we recruiters used to face a lot of issues in follow-ups and interview scheduling.

We used to post a Job Ad on several portals to get the right candidate for the company.

It used to be hectic only because of the follow-up and scheduling process. Candidates used to reschedule or even cancel their interviews big time. Also, sometimes it used to get on our nerves to fetch a profile from our data.

I remember we had a long meeting with our manager to figure out a way from the problems that we used to face in our daily work.

Our office had a separate research and mapping team who were always on their toes.

Once, our research team told us about SimplyRecruit®. Being a senior amongst all, my manager asked me to try SimplyRecruit® and share my feedback after a week. So I started working with SimplyRecruit® by creating a trial account. The moment I started using SimplyRecruit®, I realized that I no longer have to do the job posting on different social media sites for headhunting. SimplyRecruit® did that for me. I used to post the Job Ad on SimplyRecruit® and it used to post the Ad on all the social media handles that I had included.

In the first two days itself, I started getting 50% more resumes via SimplyRecruit®. Then I shortlisted the profiles and SimplyRecruit® started sending interview schedules to my shortlisted candidates. SimplyRecruit® also gave my candidates an option to schedule their interview as per their convenience. My calling time was saved and now I was completely free from the follow-up process. SimplyRecruit® did all the follow-ups via emails and candidates started replying to the same.

To add another point, my pain of data fetching also ended as SimplyRecruit® saves all the resume data in itself and makes it safe and secure.

In the entire office, I had the highest turn-up ratio compared to my colleagues. This left my team-mates amazed.

So it was time for me to share my feedback. Well … To be honest, my performance for that week was my feedback! My manager then contacted SimplyRecruit®’s office and took the access for the entire recruitment team.

I recommend SimplyRecruit® to all the recruiters around. You can click on and get your trial now!”

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