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I learned to beat the interview queue! Want to know how?

Let’s find the answer below.

SimplyRecruit® is the best portal when it comes to interview scheduling. Me being a candidate, all I can say is that I am simply loving the SimplyRecruit® way!

Some years ago, when we used to receive a call for an interview, we used to be informed by the Recruiters about the date and time of the interview. We never had any option to reschedule or cancel the interview. We had to dial up the Recruiter who had called us. But, it used to be difficult to fetch the same person over a phone call. This used to result in we informing about the rescheduling or cancellation to a wrong person. By this, the Recruiters used to think that we never turned up for the interview. Well, some candidates never used to call in case of rescheduling or cancellation. Maybe they feel awkward to inform. Or, maybe they had some fear that the recruiters may get angry with them.

SimplyRecruit® has brought all the above problems to an end! SimplyRecruit® is not just easy for the companies and the HRs to find the candidates, but its also easy for the candidates to schedule and attend the interview.

We usually end up in long queues during the interview. However, with SimplyRecruit®, we can schedule our own interview according to our convenience. I have experienced that scheduling my own interview according to my time has actually made my interview faster and quicker. Yes … I didn’t have to wait in the queue for my turn.

SimplyRecruit® is absolutely a great buddy for the HRs as well as the candidates. In a manner, SimplyRecruit® has got the recruitment and interview process highly simplified on both the ends.

Many Companies are using SimplyRecruit® and have simplified their recruitment process!

I thank SimplyRecruit® for the job I have!

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