SimplyRecruit® … My Data Saver!

I am from one of the metro cities in India and run a consultancy business in partnership. I and my partner have good contacts in the BFSI sector and we do hiring for PAN India.

In my office, recruiters come and go. It’s the story of each month or two. Now, I personally have no issues with who leaves my company, as it is their choice to stay or leave. But the real issue is finding the data which the ex-recruiter had saved in his folder or email.

I remember that we were hiring for two profiles for two different clients. The requirement was to close 8 positions with candidates having 5-9 years of experience in Bank Reconciliation, and on the other hand, we also had to hire 5 candidates with the experience of 4-6 years in US GAAP.

Now we can find these profiles on the job portals by putting in some efforts. However, one of my recruiters already had data ready for both the positions. Unfortunately, that recruiter had left us just 2-3 days before we got these two positions. Then what … The game of data fetching began. Email search, folder search, master tracker search, etc, etc … We did all we could to find the data, but we failed!

I had no other option but to call that recruiter to ask him about the data. We called him, however, even he had no clue on where he had saved the data. So calling him dint work either.

We somehow managed to close both the positions for our clients … And that was the time when I and my partner thought about having a secured system to save our data!

While we were researching about data maintenance over the internet, we came across SimplyRecruit®!

We immediately signed up for the trial and the results were fantastic! Apart from its amazing interview schedule and follow-up features, we also learned how safe it is to save our resume data in it. Now we know that we will never have to face any issues when we have SimplyRecruit® by our side.

Our business grew with the addition of new clients. We now deliver the work before our deadline. Even our recruiters have stopped resigning from their jobs! With SimplyRecruit®, things have gone easy for me, my partner and my entire team!

I recommend business owners to try SimplyRecruit® as it is the best buddy for the HRs!

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