SimplyRecruit® … Simply Superb!

After trying several job portals we thought of creating something that is simply superb! We wanted to try something which can help recruiters as well as the candidates. We set up a data collector at first in which you can save all the resumes. But before coming to any conclusion, we decided to research more and more. We started visiting consultancies, took advice from friends and reference who are working on higher designation into HR. After collecting all the information, we found out that all the HRs are facing some common discomfort during the recruitment process. So we planned to work step by step. Now we knew that we have to create something that can ROCK the fields of HR Recruitment.

All the HRs had complained that the candidates do not turn up for the interview. We decided to interview a few candidates and tried to put ourselves in their shoes. We realized that most of the candidates do not answer the 2nd call made by the Recruiters. Candidates are scared to inform the recruiter to reschedule the interview or cancel it. We figured out that many of the candidates feel awkward to inform the HRs for cancellation or a reschedule. We observed that sometimes the Recruiters do get upset when a candidate tries to tell them about rescheduling the interview. Well … the Recruiters have their own set of problems. They are loaded with heavy targets to achieve. If they fail to achieve their targets, their jobs might come on the line.

Now no one works to get fired, do we? Everyone wants to perform good, take home some incentives and be in the spotlight and keep growing in the organization!

Let’s talk about some other pain areas. Recruiters spend almost more than half of their day in job postings and follow-ups. They also end up making a huge number of calls in a day to line up and shortlist new candidates. They always have to run with a backup. Then there is also data maintenance included in the pain areas.

Understanding all these problems, we decided to help the Company owners, Recruiters and the Candidates too. So we created a buddy for all of them and we named it “SimplyRecruit®”!

So what SimplyRecruit® does in order to help everyone?

SimplyRecruit® helps in job ad posting on multiple sites with just one click. This process saves more than 3-5 hours of your hand-operated work.
Then it gathers all the replies and notifies you with the same. With this, you can shortlist the candidate and SimplyRecruit® sends an email to the candidate saying that his/her profile has been shortlisted for the interview. SimplyRecruit® also helps the candidate to schedule his/her interview by him/herself. This entire process saves a lot of calls to be made.
Candidates can schedule their own interview and can also cancel or postpone the interview if they want. So no more awkward calling or fear to get scolded by the recruiters. This also helps the recruiter to understand the perfect count of candidates who are up to attend the interview. All this on quick emails via SimplyRecruit®!
Data maintenance is perfect and simple with SimplyRecruit®. All the data of resume gets automatically saved and can be checked whenever and wherever we want to. So if any Recruiter quits the job, all the resume data will be present in SimplyRecruit® itself.
SimplyRecruit® has definitely made its point clear and is well known as a Buddy Recruiter who saves your time and helps you towards growth easily. With SimplyRecruit® the awkward calling moments with the candidate and the fear game in between candidate and recruiter has come to an end. Users of SimplyRecruit® say that now they can focus on many other progressive things as their workload, time and money are being saved big time!

SimplyRecruit® is not just a resume bank, but it definitely is your Virtual Recruitment Buddy!

To know more about how SimplyRecruit® can be your Buddy, you can click on for the trial.

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