Do you want to get a job without any hassle? Then check the benefits of SimplyRecruit®!!!

SimplyRecruit® minimizes our daily hectic work of recruitment. It has many smart features that can save the time of recruiters so that they can invest their saved time in other productive works! SimplyRecruit® is a fantastic option for recruiters and candidates when it comes to hiring or getting placed.

Let us check out some interesting features which are helpful for the candidates and which the new readers may be unaware of.

Get relevant & verified job listing:

No need to browse through 100s of job listings to find the relevant ones. Just create your profile and sit back. SimplyRecruit® will do the hard work of finding a match and you will get invited for a relevant job.

Schedule your own interview time:

Beat the queue. No long waiting time anymore!

With SimplyRecruit®, have the flexibility to schedule interviews at a time convenient for you.

Only respond to the job shortlisted for:

With SimplyRecruit®, you don’t apply for jobs.

Instead, the employer shortlists you for their job openings, which means you have already cut through the crowd when you receive a job invite from the employer.

So why wait? Click and create your profile with SimplyRecruit® now!

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Easy data saving!

In the process of recruitment, saving data is as important as hiring the perfect candidate. Rejected candidates, relevant resumes, resumes with more or less experience, freshers, etc are the profiles you may require at some point in the future.

Hence, recruiters save the data in their systems in the form of excel sheets and folders. However, are these resumes safe in your system?

Well, they can be safe for a certain period, however, not forever, as the systems may get corrupted, or someone may delete the data by mistake. Also, there is a chance where your recruiter quits the job and you may have to call the resigned recruiter to fetch the data.

Instead of risking the data in your system, you can now save all the resume data on SimplyRecruit®! Yes! SimplyRecruit® not just assists you in hiring, but it also helps you save your data in the most trusted and secured manner!

You can easily fetch the resume you are looking for and can close the positing before anyone else does.

SimplyRecruit® is the way to make the recruitment process simple and get you on the chart of the top performers!

Hurry! Click to get your SimplyRecruit®!

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Easy Hiring After Vacations!

Vacations are a part of each job. Every employee needs a break from a stressful life so that they can get fresh to perform better. However, we usually fall dull after returning from a long vacation. As a human tendency, we require some time to reset our minds towards our work. But does this affect our productivity?

Yes, falling dull does affect our productivity and the recruitment requirement cannot wait for you to take time and reset yourself.

However, if you are hiring using SimplyRecruit®, you do not have to wait to reset. You can simply continue your work with a few clicks here and there.

As we all know that SimplyRecruit® helps your candidates schedule their interviews in their own flexible time. Many recruiters have a habit to set the interviews before going for vacations so that their candidates turn up for the interview immediately after the vacations are over.

With SimplyRecruit®, the recruiters can understand the exact count of how many candidates are going to turn up and on what time and date.

SimplyRecruit® helps you with all the required follow-ups that are required for the recruitment process. With this, you get time on focusing on other vital work in your job life.

So have a happy vacation and let SimplyRecruit® simplify your recruitment for you. Sit back, relax, and SimplyRecruit®!

Click now to be on SimplyRecruit®!

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Recruitment problems & SimplyRecruit® solutions!

We are living in a world where we see several job postings on social media daily. HR Recruiters spend tons of hours researching on which social media site would be best for them to post the ad. However, there are just a few candidates who reply to a job ad on social media. Most of the times there are no or irrelevant replies to the ad. For many of the candidates, it’s just a job post. However, its more than a job post for the recruiter who posted the ad on social media thinking about closing the given position in less possible time.
There are many issues faced by the Recruiter while closing the job position with a matching candidate. Let’s highlight some of the recruitment issues today, and source out the perfect solution for you to be unstoppable!

Problem 1
One Ad Posting On Multiple Sites: Being into recruitment, we know that we have to post ads on several social media websites to get some traction on the requirement to close. A recruiter spends tons of hours researching the perfect site for the job to be posted. The same job posting on all the social media platforms and then a long wait for the candidates to revert. The biggest problem in posting the job post one by one on different sites is the amount of time. By posting the ad one by one we lose on time when there is maximum traffic on the site you decide to post the ad on. If we lose traffic time, our ad doesn’t reach our target audience. In short, all your thinking and hard work in posting go waste.

Solution 1
Posting job ads on multiple sites with just a single click: How about if we tell you that you can post a job ad on several sites in just one click! Yes … This has become possible with SimplyRecruit®. A job portal where you create your account, key in the job description, add the social media handle and sit back. SimplyRecruit® will post the job ad on all the social media sites you selected all at once. This saves your time and you do not lose on the site’s traffic time. You get candidates much faster and with ease!

Problem 2
Candidate Info Gathering: There is also a point where the candidate doesn’t want to give away his / her personal information in the comment section. Some candidates skip the ad, just because they have to give away their contact details on a section which is open to all. So how do we get away from these issues?

Solution 2
Candidates get a link to apply: Well … Understanding all these hiring issues, we have created SimplyRecruit®. A portal that helps you as a virtual assistant in recruitment. Once the candidate sees the post on social media, he/she can click on the link and enter all the asked information on SimplyRecruit®. Once the information is entered, the recruiter can check the same and shortlist the suitable candidate for the job role. Recruiters can also save other less or non-relevant profiles in different folders on SimplyRecruit®.

Problem 3
Interview Schedule and Followup: Now is the time when we know if our hard work has paid off or ended in a trash-pot. Yes … The biggest fear of any recruiter is scheduling the interview by calling the candidates and making them turn up in the office. If we think as per the candidate’s point of view, they sometimes say yes to attend the interview and feel scared to inform if they can’t make it or if they are not interested. Resulting in the recruiter calling the candidate back to back and getting frustrated.

Solution 3
Automated Interview Schedule and Followups: Why to even call the candidate when you have SimplyRecruit® with you. All you have to do is shortlist the right candidate and let SimplyRecruit® take care of the interview scheduling and followup.

Yes … As soon as you shortlist the candidate, SimplyRecruit® sends an email (call letter) to the candidate by giving an option to the candidate to select his/her suitable date and time to attend the interview. In case if the candidate has not replied by entering the time details, SimplyRecruit® keeps sending reminder emails to the candidate on specific intervals. This helps the candidate know that the company trying to approach him is technically advanced and reputed.

So let’s check it out practically and know how easy it is to bring your Virtual Recruitment Assistant in use. Click and start your trial now!

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How to SimplyRecruit®?

Many companies, many consultancies, and many individuals always wonder to have a flawless and happy recruitment process. Recruitment is always believed as a process of luck. Some say that it is all about your way of convincing a candidate and your luck for the day!

This might be true at a point. However, a business or a process doesn’t run on luck. It runs on smart work and timing.

Hence, to prove the luck factor wrong, we have introduced SimplyRecruit® for all the recruiters out there! It is simple to get SimplyRecruit®. All you have to do is click enter the details, and our representative will get in touch with you for more information.

SimplyRecruit® has helped many companies set their recruitment on an easier level. Being userfriendly, SimplyRecruit® minimizes your hard work and converts the same into smart work.

So why wait? Join the largest community of smart recruiters! Hurry! Get your SimplyRecruit® now!

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Easy to Recruit with SimplyRecruit®!

Recruitment has a stand of its own. Without recruitment, there won’t be any employee working in any company. But to hire employees, it takes some smart and hard work together.

As people have become more friendly with the internet and social media sites, updating about job interviews has become easier. There are multiple websites related to hiring employees. All you need to do is update your job ad on each site. Then, you need to check the list of candidates who reverted to the ad and then you need to shortlist and call them.

However, all this hard work can stop in a single click if you are sourcing your candidates through SimplyRecruit®.

SimplyRecruit® is built and designed to save all the hard work that a recruiter faces daily. With a simple click, SimplyRecruit® can post your job ad on all the registered social sites and show you the reverts of the candidates. You can simply shortlist your matching candidate and SimplyRecruit® sends them an email so that the candidates can schedule their interview by themselves.

By using SimplyRecruit®, you can get the actual count of the candidates attending the interview each day. It has also been observed that SimplyRecruit® users are always on the top in terms of Recruitment performance.

So like several others, you can start your SimplyRecruit® tour and always be on the top of the game. Click to know more!

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Let’s go with SimplyRecruit®!

It is said that recruitment is the first step of entering Human Resource. Every company has a separate department which is responsible for recruitment. However, many of the companies still follow the old style of recruitment. The old-style may be working good for many companies, but it doesn’t give you 100% results and satisfaction. With the old techniques, you may end up on wasting time, effort, and money.

Here we are talking about running ahead of time and getting used to new and innovative technologies that can simplify your recruitment needs.

SimplyRecruit® is one of the best recruitment assistants which helps you in the entire recruitment process! SimplyRecruit® was introduced after researching on all the pain areas which our recruiters face in their daily work life. On this day since the launch of SimplyRecruit®, there are 100s of new users getting connected with SimplyRecruit® each day! The reason behind the success of SimplyRecruit® is that it is easy to use and it helps you with your recruitment activities leaving you with just minimum manual work. The rest of the things are done automatically by SimplyRecruit®!

SimplyRecruit® automatically sends your job ads to all the social media handles in just a single click! Once you start getting replies from your candidates, and once you shortlist them, SimplyRecruit® starts its work by sending your candidates an email along with a calendar so that your candidates can book a slot for their interview as per their convenience. SimplyRecruit® also allows your candidates to cancel or reschedule their interview if needed. This helps you with the exact count of candidates attending the interview each day!

It has been observed that the users of SimplyRecruit® have minimized candidate calling by over 95% as SimplyRecruit® does all the followup part by sending the candidate emails and allowing them to reply.

So if you still don’t have SimplyRecruit® for your recruiters, you can now get a free trial and begin to SimplyRecruit® like several others! Click on to get your trial account now!

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Its Simple with SimplyRecruit®!

Recruitment is one of the most difficult jobs in the field of HR. As the work of any recruiter depends upon contacting the right candidate and making sure the candidate turns up for the interview. It is always difficult to match two brains together.

Recruiters require experience, knowledge about the job that they are hiring for, skills to get the candidate in for the interview, and at the same time getting other related work done.

In order to contribute help in the recruitment process, SimplyRecruit® plays an important role. It not only sends the interview invite to the candidates but also does follow-ups till the candidate reverts to the invite sent by email.

SimplyRecruit® also saves all the resume data which can be fetched anytime and anywhere by its users and also ends the awkward calling in between the candidates and the Recruiters.

In short, SimplyRecruit® is the smartest, easiest, and the fastest way to get your recruitment process on the top with jet speed!

So don’t wait for long! If you are still not using SimplyRecruit®, click and opt for your trial!

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Get Started With SimplyRecruit®!

In the world of competition, the winner is always the one who gives the maximum results in less time. Recruitment is one of those fields where numbers count. Recruitment consultancies or any companies HR department always faces a huge set back when their hiring target is not completed within the given time. HR Recruiters always push themselves beyond their limits to achieve the targets.

However, following the old school recruitment way may result in spending more time just for one particular process. Recruitment is a mixture of several processes and is challenging for one Recruiters to follow all the terms and give results. However, following all the terms is obligatory in the recruitment process.

So how do we save time, follow all the terms and still close our target within the given time?

It’s simple! All we have to do is start using SimplyRecruit® for our recruitment process. Now SimplyRecruit® gets your job ads posted on all the social media platforms in just a single click. Once you shortlist profiles, SimplyRecruit® sends the candidates an email mentioning about their shortlisting and gives them the option to select their interview date and time. This saves on manually calling the candidates for the interview. With SimplyRecruit®, the candidates can check their email and revert according to their convenience. It happens a lot that the candidate is in office or busy in some other work and he/she receives a call from the recruiter. The candidate doesn’t answer the call and the recruiter has to leave the right match and move on to the next shortlisted candidates. So instead, an automated email by SimplyRecruit® saves on candidate cancellation.

SimplyRecruit® has made Recruitment friendly and easy for the HRs. It simplifies your hard activities and makes them easy for you and your candidates. By using SimplyRecruit®, it has been observed that you can easily get your target done before the given time. Also, all the resume data is saved in SimplyRecruit® so that you can churn your candidates for other future requirements as well.

SimplyRecruit® is the key for victorious hiring and all its users are 100% satisfied with the outcomes that they have witnessed.

So if you are still not using SimplyRecruit®, now is the time you do!

Click on and start your trial now!

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Recruitment with SimplyRecruit®!

Recruitment is a challenging job. HR Recruiters have to deal with and face challenges daily! May it be job posting, shortlisting candidates, calling the candidates, candidate’s confirmation, data maintenance! There are many things the Recruiters has to take care in their job life. Hence, to end and free the Recruiters from their daily hectic workload, we have come up with one of the most successful products in recruitment called the SimplyRecruit®!

Let’s hear it out from one of the HR Recruiters on their experience after using the SimplyRecruit®!

I had joined as an HR Recruiter in one of the IT companies in my city. I wasn’t new to this field as I already had 4 years of experience in recruitment. My team was special and we were responsible to work on some of the lateral positions. Many of the positions were not that easy to find on job portals. We knew that the only way to get the right candidate was by headhunting.

Now as the positions were lateral, our candidates used to prefer a proper schedule. Our candidates used to be busy in meetings and other activities. Because of this, we recruiters used to face a lot of issues in follow-ups and interview scheduling.

We used to post a Job Ad on several portals to get the right candidate for the company.

It used to be hectic only because of the follow-up and scheduling process. Candidates used to reschedule or even cancel their interviews big time. Also, sometimes it used to get on our nerves to fetch a profile from our data.

I remember we had a long meeting with our manager to figure out a way from the problems that we used to face in our daily work.

Our office had a separate research and mapping team who were always on their toes.

Once, our research team told us about SimplyRecruit®. Being a senior amongst all, my manager asked me to try SimplyRecruit® and share my feedback after a week. So I started working with SimplyRecruit® by creating a trial account. The moment I started using SimplyRecruit®, I realized that I no longer have to do the job posting on different social media sites for headhunting. SimplyRecruit® did that for me. I used to post the Job Ad on SimplyRecruit® and it used to post the Ad on all the social media handles that I had included.

In the first two days itself, I started getting 50% more resumes via SimplyRecruit®. Then I shortlisted the profiles and SimplyRecruit® started sending interview schedules to my shortlisted candidates. SimplyRecruit® also gave my candidates an option to schedule their interview as per their convenience. My calling time was saved and now I was completely free from the follow-up process. SimplyRecruit® did all the follow-ups via emails and candidates started replying to the same.

To add another point, my pain of data fetching also ended as SimplyRecruit® saves all the resume data in itself and makes it safe and secure.

In the entire office, I had the highest turn-up ratio compared to my colleagues. This left my team-mates amazed.

So it was time for me to share my feedback. Well … To be honest, my performance for that week was my feedback! My manager then contacted SimplyRecruit®’s office and took the access for the entire recruitment team.

I recommend SimplyRecruit® to all the recruiters around. You can click on and get your trial now!”

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