Maintain your Resume data with SimplyRecruit®!

Managing and maintaining a recruiter’s data is not easy. Even after saving the data its a long run to fetch the data when required. Data maintenance is one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process. We never know when we may need one of the previous resumes. We usually follow the universal way to maintain our data. We make a tracker and save all the resumes in a folder. Well … This is the most basic way of maintaining our resume data. Sounds easy right? But what if I tell you it is not as easy as it sounds … and at times, during urgency, you may not find the desired profile you had saved months ago.

Now … you may say that we can create folders as per the months and save the candidate info in the tracker for quick search. Well … yeah … that’s easy right. So you first search the data inside a tracker, then you go back to the folder and start searching for the profile and then carry it ahead … But what if someone else sources a profile by the time you are searching in your tracker and folders? Possible right! Or, what if the data is in somebody else’s system and you have no clue on where that person has kept the CV you were searching for? Then you will have to go back to your email and start searching for previous emails … right!?

All and all … I feel that this process is hectic and time-consuming… and those people will definitely agree with me who have been through this situation. I mean come on! Our team recruiter quits the job and deletes the entire history on the last working day…! What are you going to do about that?? Nothing!

Now let me tell you the best way of your data maintenance … The best way to maintain your data is to SimplyRecruit® … Yes … SimplyRecruit® can save the resume data which is easy to search and you can fetch any date resume with just a click! It saves your time and efforts! So now it doesn’t matter whether your teammate is absent, left the job or even if you want to fetch a profile from your data! SimplyRecruit® is not just your Virtual Recruitment Assistant, but it’s also a resume bank, keeping all the shortlisted profiles safe and secure.

With SimplyRecruit®, we are not just saving time, but we are saving all the data which is easy to fetch whenever and where-where we want to.

Creators of SimplyRecruit® have designed it by keeping all the pain areas of the recruitment process in mind. Hence, it is a successful portal that has made the recruitment process very easy and quick!

So why wait, click and start your trial now!

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A Candidate and SimplyRecruit®!

I am an experienced candidate who was working with one of the startups in my city. My job was going okay. I had to travel almost 60 km to and fro each day, which was very tiring! But, I was satisfied with my job profile. I still remember that our overseas investors had visited our office and wanted to talk to each one of us. They wanted to know us better and wanted to direct us towards the growth. Everything was going great until one day. It was an unsettling day at work. I could sense that something is wrong. Our Overseas Investors had left and we were asked to work on our action plans. The day passed. That day our seniors’ dint interact with us like always. Not just me, but even my colleagues sensed the unsettling moments that day at work. This atmosphere continued for a few days. Then … It was time to hear the breaking news. Our seniors informed us that the company is sacked and will shut down its operations within 2 months. Our Overseas Investors had backed out all of a sudden leaving the company with no funds. We were asked to search for a new job. It was like a terror strike on us. Just moments ago we had a job and within seconds, we were jobless.

I started thinking about the struggle of searching for a new job. Calls from the Consultancies, Companies, HRs, etc, etc. And me trying to answer them. But I knew I had to do this. I didn’t want to be jobless even for a single day. So I went home and informed my family about the same. My family supported me well. Next day, I started applying for my job on multiple job sites. Just in 2-3 days, I received a job post update on one of the job sites to apply for a job related to my profile. I immediately applied to it. After I applied, in a few hours I received an email via SimplyRecruit® mentioning that my profile was shortlisted. The email had a clickable button for me to schedule my interview. I clicked on the button and scheduled my interview as per my convenience. I thought that I might receive a call from the company. There are many reasons a candidate avoids the recruiter’s calls. Some are busy, some do not wish to work in the location where the recruiter is calling from, and there might be several other reasons which the candidate is scared to tell the recruiter thinking the recruiter might get angry with them. To be honest, even I had my reason for not answering any calls from the companies or recruiters. I didn’t want to receive any calls for the Interview as I was in my last days at my previous company. I was more comfortable with the emails though. However, I never received any call from the company. My entire interview scheduling was done via emails. I also had the option to reschedule my interview. The company address, contact person name, and number, the scheduled time by me. I received all the information and confirmation via SimplyRecruit® on my email.

I somehow liked the entire idea of how SimplyRecruit® works. I had tried to find a job for me before, but I always used to end up in heavy calls from the recruiters and me trying to avoid them. With SimplyRecruit®, there was no such thing. I knew that the company I am scheduled for my interview is going to be the one for me. I went for the interview, I got selected and also joined on the discussed date. Honestly, I was feeling that my job search is going to take a toll on me. However, SimplyRecruit® made it so easy for me. I was not jobless even for a single day and joined my new company immediately after completing my 20 days notice period with my previous company.

I seriously thank SimplyRecruit® for making the interview process so simple!

In case if all the companies start using SimplyRecruit®, they will for sure get genuine and honest candidates like me who want to attend the interview without any forcing or awkward moments.

SimplyRecruit® has made interview schedules for the candidates better than ever!

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My Business Is Durable with SimplyRecruit®!

I had already decided to start with my own consultancy while I was studying in college. After my MBA (HR), I started working in a small consultancy to get some experience before I start with my own business. After having around 3 years of experience, I started with my own consultancy with two clients. Initially, I started with 3 recruiters by my side who were trained by me to work the old school way. i.e. Searching profiles from job portals and calling the candidates. However, as time took us in the future style of working, we started with job postings on social media platforms. Being a business owner, I had to face the heavy expense of internet and phone bills. To add on, I also had a huge expense of the job portal access from where we used to source the resumes for our clients.

Leaving these things apart, my business was running good and we had a few more clients who opted our services. We also had to increase the team.

Consultancy is not an easy business. We have tough competitions all around. I knew we had to work smart in terms of providing good service to our clients.

My days were long and nights were hectic. Client calls for requirement sharing, some calls related to delay in work, etc etc etc.

At a point, I started thinking if I had taken the right decision to start with a consultancy.

I always believe in exploring new technologies and I am always on Google, searching for things that can benefit me and my business. Just one day while performing a search on Google, I landed on SimplyRecruit® page. Now, I had no idea what SimplyRecruit® was. However, as it was related to my business, i.e. Recruitment, I decided to dig in more info. I contacted the SimplyRecruit® guys and came to know about the trial pack. Now here what happened next.

SimplyRecruit® gave me a free trial in which I and my recruiters learned how easy recruitment can be. SimplyRecruit® has futuristic features that can easily boost the quality of work.

My recruiters no longer had to waste their time in posting a job ad on multiple sites. Instead, they started to post it on SimplyRecruit® and SimplyRecruit® used to post the job post on all the sites with just one click. It also helped in scheduling the interviews. My phone bill started to step down as there were pretty less or no calls made by my recruiters after they started using SimplyRecruit®.

Let me take you to another side of the story. We all know that recruiters in a consultancy always come and go. Before, I had to face a huge problem to fetch the data from the system of a recruiter who had left the job. It used to take quite a long time to fetch the data and still we never used to get all the resumes saved by the resigned recruiter.

With SimplyRecruit®, the fetching story has completely changed because SimplyRecruit® automatically saves the data in it and you can easily get all the data you require anytime, anywhere.

SimplyRecruit® is not just a virtual recruitment assistant, but its also a resume bank and, a perfect buddy for follow-ups. The turn-up accuracy ratio of the candidates hiked by almost 70% after we started working with SimplyRecruit®.

Before SimplyRecruit®, my business was running at a medium pace. But now, my business is 100% durable as we are able to close the positions for our clients without any worries. With SimplyRecruit®, we can update our clients on the exact turn-up number and our clients are beyond happy with our services as we now stick up to our commitments.

Thank you SimplyRecruit® for making recruitment more friendly!

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Happy Hiring!

We are the recruiters of tomorrow … and what makes us say this? Well … Its SimplyRecruit®!

Yes … SimplyRecruit® has taken recruitment on a whole new and level. It not only saves your time, but it also helps you get better results in hiring. Happy Hiring is now possible with easy and convenient steps! The old school techniques of hiring has come to an end. So no more long hours job posting, no more manual follow-ups with the candidates, and no more calls and confirmations.

All this is possible because SimplyRecruit® does it all with just a simple click. It posts your job ad on the social sites you choose … It sends an email to all the candidates you have shortlisted! It also does a daily follow up with your shortlisted candidates. Along with this, it also helps you save your resume data for future reference!

SimplyRecruit® is a well-organized HR system which all the HR Recruiters can use for their recruitment process. It is the best system for head hunting. Its features like self-schedule allow your candidates to schedule their own interview as per the suited time for them. By this, the process of awkward calling has come to an end!

Recruiters feel more comfortable working with SimplyRecruit® as it saves their time of posting and calling. By which they can now focus on other activities and get more trained for their jobs!

We have also observed that the attrition ratio of recruiters has reduced up to 70% for those who are using SimplyRecruit®!

SimplyRecruit® is a reliable way not only for the recruiters but also for the companies! It reduces work stress and gives you accurate results of the candidates and lets you know the exact turn-up count.

SimplyRecruit® can be described as a all in one system for the HRs! Users of SimplyRecruit® are always happy in their hiring process.

If you have still not used SimplyRecruit®, then why wait? Get the free trial now and enjoy Happy Hiring with SimplyRecruit®!

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SimplyRecruit® … My Data Saver!

I am from one of the metro cities in India and run a consultancy business in partnership. I and my partner have good contacts in the BFSI sector and we do hiring for PAN India.

In my office, recruiters come and go. It’s the story of each month or two. Now, I personally have no issues with who leaves my company, as it is their choice to stay or leave. But the real issue is finding the data which the ex-recruiter had saved in his folder or email.

I remember that we were hiring for two profiles for two different clients. The requirement was to close 8 positions with candidates having 5-9 years of experience in Bank Reconciliation, and on the other hand, we also had to hire 5 candidates with the experience of 4-6 years in US GAAP.

Now we can find these profiles on the job portals by putting in some efforts. However, one of my recruiters already had data ready for both the positions. Unfortunately, that recruiter had left us just 2-3 days before we got these two positions. Then what … The game of data fetching began. Email search, folder search, master tracker search, etc, etc … We did all we could to find the data, but we failed!

I had no other option but to call that recruiter to ask him about the data. We called him, however, even he had no clue on where he had saved the data. So calling him dint work either.

We somehow managed to close both the positions for our clients … And that was the time when I and my partner thought about having a secured system to save our data!

While we were researching about data maintenance over the internet, we came across SimplyRecruit®!

We immediately signed up for the trial and the results were fantastic! Apart from its amazing interview schedule and follow-up features, we also learned how safe it is to save our resume data in it. Now we know that we will never have to face any issues when we have SimplyRecruit® by our side.

Our business grew with the addition of new clients. We now deliver the work before our deadline. Even our recruiters have stopped resigning from their jobs! With SimplyRecruit®, things have gone easy for me, my partner and my entire team!

I recommend business owners to try SimplyRecruit® as it is the best buddy for the HRs!

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SimplyRecruit® … Simply Superb!

After trying several job portals we thought of creating something that is simply superb! We wanted to try something which can help recruiters as well as the candidates. We set up a data collector at first in which you can save all the resumes. But before coming to any conclusion, we decided to research more and more. We started visiting consultancies, took advice from friends and reference who are working on higher designation into HR. After collecting all the information, we found out that all the HRs are facing some common discomfort during the recruitment process. So we planned to work step by step. Now we knew that we have to create something that can ROCK the fields of HR Recruitment.

All the HRs had complained that the candidates do not turn up for the interview. We decided to interview a few candidates and tried to put ourselves in their shoes. We realized that most of the candidates do not answer the 2nd call made by the Recruiters. Candidates are scared to inform the recruiter to reschedule the interview or cancel it. We figured out that many of the candidates feel awkward to inform the HRs for cancellation or a reschedule. We observed that sometimes the Recruiters do get upset when a candidate tries to tell them about rescheduling the interview. Well … the Recruiters have their own set of problems. They are loaded with heavy targets to achieve. If they fail to achieve their targets, their jobs might come on the line.

Now no one works to get fired, do we? Everyone wants to perform good, take home some incentives and be in the spotlight and keep growing in the organization!

Let’s talk about some other pain areas. Recruiters spend almost more than half of their day in job postings and follow-ups. They also end up making a huge number of calls in a day to line up and shortlist new candidates. They always have to run with a backup. Then there is also data maintenance included in the pain areas.

Understanding all these problems, we decided to help the Company owners, Recruiters and the Candidates too. So we created a buddy for all of them and we named it “SimplyRecruit®”!

So what SimplyRecruit® does in order to help everyone?

SimplyRecruit® helps in job ad posting on multiple sites with just one click. This process saves more than 3-5 hours of your hand-operated work.
Then it gathers all the replies and notifies you with the same. With this, you can shortlist the candidate and SimplyRecruit® sends an email to the candidate saying that his/her profile has been shortlisted for the interview. SimplyRecruit® also helps the candidate to schedule his/her interview by him/herself. This entire process saves a lot of calls to be made.
Candidates can schedule their own interview and can also cancel or postpone the interview if they want. So no more awkward calling or fear to get scolded by the recruiters. This also helps the recruiter to understand the perfect count of candidates who are up to attend the interview. All this on quick emails via SimplyRecruit®!
Data maintenance is perfect and simple with SimplyRecruit®. All the data of resume gets automatically saved and can be checked whenever and wherever we want to. So if any Recruiter quits the job, all the resume data will be present in SimplyRecruit® itself.
SimplyRecruit® has definitely made its point clear and is well known as a Buddy Recruiter who saves your time and helps you towards growth easily. With SimplyRecruit® the awkward calling moments with the candidate and the fear game in between candidate and recruiter has come to an end. Users of SimplyRecruit® say that now they can focus on many other progressive things as their workload, time and money are being saved big time!

SimplyRecruit® is not just a resume bank, but it definitely is your Virtual Recruitment Buddy!

To know more about how SimplyRecruit® can be your Buddy, you can click on for the trial.

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Smart Hiring With SimplyRecruit®!

We are living in a world where we see several job postings on social media on a daily basis. HR Recruiters spend tons of hours researching on which social media site would be best for them to post the ad. However, there are just a few candidates who actually reply to a job ad on social media. Most of the times there are no or irrelevant replies to the ad. For many of the candidates, it’s just a job post. However, its more than a job post for the recruiter who posted the ad on social media thinking about closing the given position in less possible time.

There are many issues faced by the Recruiter while closing the job position with a matching candidate. Let’s highlight some of the recruitment issues today, and source out the perfect solution for you to be unstoppable!

Problem 1

One Ad Posting On Multiple Sites: Being into recruitment, we know that we have to post ads on several social media websites to get some traction on the requirement to close. A recruiter spends tons of hours researching the perfect site for the job to be posted. The same job posting on all the social media platform and then a long wait for the candidates to revert. The biggest problem in posting the job post one by one on different sites is the amount of time. By posting the ad one by one we lose on time when there is maximum traffic on the site you decide to post the ad on. If we lose traffic time, our ad doesn’t reach our target audience. In short, all your thinking and hard work in posting go waste.

Solution 1

Posting job ad on multiple sites with just a single click: How about if we tell you that you can post a job ad on several sites in just one click! Yes … This has become possible with SimplyRecruit®. A job portal where you create your account, key in the job description, add the social media handle and sit back. SimplyRecruit® will post the job ad on all the social media sites you selected all at once. This saves your time and you do not lose on the site’s traffic time. You get candidates much faster and with ease!

Problem 2

Candidate Info Gathering: There is also a point where the candidate doesn’t really want to give away his / her personal information in the comment section. Some candidates skip the ad, just because they have to give away their contact details on a section which is open to all. So how do we get away from these issues?

Solution 2

Candidates get a link to apply: Well … Understanding all these hiring issues, we have created SimplyRecruit®. A portal which helps you as a virtual assistant in recruitment. Once the candidate sees the post on social media, he/she can click on the link and enter all the asked information on SimplyRecruit®. Once the information is entered, the recruiter can check the same and shortlist the suitable candidate for the job role. Recruiters can also save other less or non-relevant profiles in different folders on SimplyRecruit®.

Problem 3

Interview Schedule and Followup: Now is the time when we know if our hard work has paid off or ended in a trash-pot. Yes … The biggest fear of any recruiter is scheduling the interview by calling the candidates and making them turn up in the office. If we think as per the candidate’s point of view, they sometimes say yes to attend the interview and feel scared to inform if they can’t make it or if they are not interested. Resulting in the recruiter calling the candidate back to back and getting frustrated.

Solution 3

Automated Interview Schedule and Followups: Why to even call the candidate when you have SimplyRecruit® with you. All you have to do is shortlist the right candidate and let SimplyRecruit® take care of the interview scheduling and followup.

Yes … As soon as you shortlist the candidate, SimplyRecruit® sends an email (call letter) to the candidate by giving an option to the candidate to select his/her suitable date and time to attend the interview. In case if the candidate has not replied by entering the time details, SimplyRecruit® keeps sending reminder emails to the candidate on specific intervals. This helps the candidate know that the company trying to approach him is technically advanced and reputed.

So let’s check it out practically and know how easy it is to bring your Virtual Recruitment Assistant in use. Click and start your trial now!

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SimplyRecruit … A Buddy Recruiter for HRs!

As we know that recruitment is the most crucial part of the HR department. May it be Manufacturing companies, IT companies, BFSIs, FMCG, Big scale, Small scale, Startups, Entrepreneur, etc etc…!!! When it comes to hiring, we either have an in house recruitment team, or we outsource the recruitment process to consultancies, or we do it by ourselves by posting job vacancies on different sites. No matter how small or big the company is, we have a specific HR department who is responsible for recruitment. Recruitment is never easy. The HRs have to face few vital challenges before they get their perfect candidate on board.

Even we experienced some of these pain areas during our hiring process and hence, we came up with a solution. A solution that is 100% perfect for HR Recruiters and also their candidates. Yes … We came up with a revolutionary portal which has become a buddy for many HRs across the globe. This little buddy is called as “SimplyRecruit”! Some of you also call it a “Virtual Recruiter”

SimplyRecruit has made things easy for HRs when it comes to shortlisting, scheduling etc etc.
To know more on what SimplyRecruit exactly does let’s go through some of the pain areas of the recruitment process and check for the solution, the SimplyRecruit way!

  • Job Posting “The Normal Way”: An HR Recruiter has to log in on multiple social accounts and post the job description on each and every account. After the posting, the HR has to continuously check for the responses and act accordingly
  • Job Posting “The SimplyRecruit Way”: Simply create your account on SimplyRecruit and sink other accounts with it. Post a job opening on SimplyRecruit and SimplyRecruit automatically posts the vacancy on all the other platform by itself. It also allows the candidate to reply via SimplyRecruit so that you can check which candidate has replied to your job ad.
  • Interview Scheduling “The Normal Way”: Once you shortlist the resume, you have to call the candidate to schedule the interview. This may take some time as the candidate may not be interested, busy elsewhere, or just a bit scare to face the first telephonic interview. There might be other reasons also. However, lining up a candidate who turns up for the interview is one of the toughest parts of recruitment.
  • Interview Scheduling “The SimplyRecruit Way”: Once you shortlist the candidate profile, SimplyRecruit sends a universal email mentioning that candidate’s profile has been shortlisted. To be surer, you can add a question set to the email so you can skip on the first telephonic conversation. Once the candidates receive the email, he can answer the questions and select on the calendar to schedule his/her face to face interview. SimplyRecruit is always in touch with your candidate by sending him/her emails and reminders for his/her interview.

It has been recorded that the email technique has actually worked and the turn-up ratio has increased by 30%

  • Data Maintenance “The Normal Way”: You save the data on one system or on the shared folder and if the company authorizes you, you save it on cloud. After the data is saved, it is not so easy to fetch it. Especially, if any of the HR quits his/her job, it becomes more difficult in searching the data.
  • Data Maintenance “The SimplyRecruit Way”: With SimplyRecruit, you can save all the resumes category wise in your SimplyRecruit account itself. With this, you can have your own maintained and secure resume data which can be accessed whenever you require.
  • Time and Money “The normal Way”: It takes time to log on through multiple portals and posting sites. Then the cost of the phone is always on the head. Even after spending time and money, there is always a fear of the cost to recover.
  • Time and Money “The SimplyRecruit Way”: Saves time as SimplyRecruit does the job posting on other sites for you, emails the candidate and keeps a follow up till the candidate turns up, Saves the cost of the phone as it works on emails.

SimplyRecruit is best for everyone. May it be business owners, Company HR s and consultancies too. SimplyRecruit has made recruitment simple and easy. SimplyRecruit is the key to saving money and time for the companies and HRs!
So why wait???? Click to make SimplyRecruit your Recruiter Buddy!

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Job Portals are the most effective means to find a talented candidate for a particular job today because advertising any job openings in the classified sections of daily newspapers have become quite passé. Job Portals make it possible for the recruiting agencies to reach as many candidates as possible in a very short period of time & using it effectively will translate into qualified candidates at relatively low costs.

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A job portal or career portal is an online job board that assists the applicants to discover & finally land into their dream job. It also aids employers & recruiters in their quest to locate ideal candidates. So, it is simply a platform where job seekers come across their potential employers and recruiters meet their prospective candidate.

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